Site History Page
Date Author Description
June 2012 DH Add dynamic Gif on Home Page for Dongle access
May 2012 DH Improve Giant Dongle display method, update Documents page
Apr 2012 DH Add columns to Site map Page Site Map page, add Giant Dongle to web site
Mar 2012 DH Use more Comment tags to hide old items on Diary and Festival pages
Jan 2012 DH Use Comments to flip flop SOLD OUT in Ticket Sale pages
Dec 2011 DH Tidy & update Site Map page, Create and add dynamic Gif on Home Page
Sep 2011 DH Created Site Map page, revise Web Page Template across site
Aug 2011 DH Make Map Pages display single pub, Get "Back to Map" working consistently!
May 2011 DH Added Pub Guide descriptions to Map Sheet pages; Update Clothing page
Jan 2011 DH Reinstate link to original Map Square navigation on Home Page
Oct 2010 DH Change to Coda from Dreamweaver for updates to site; Add pages for Giant Dongle
Sep 2010 DH Add new items to Clothing page; Pub Guide launch changes
Jun 2010 DH Change Pub Map system to Google Maps
Apr 2010 DH Set up Separate Brewery Page
Mar 2009 DH Wykefest first year; Update links page
April 2008 DH Set up LocAle page
Jan 2007 DH Updated Diary page, various Beerex changes, News Items, Added POTY process
Dec 2006 DH Updated Diary page, refreshed Festival List for 2007, Added Ticket Outlet info for Beerex
Nov 2006 DH Various News Items, New Diary for 2007, 3 "missing" pubs added to lists and Map Pages.
Oct 2006 DH Octoberfest Beer of the Festival Results, Various News Items
Sep 2006 DH Modify: Diary List; Octoberfest page. Extend Members Corner: Contact Details; GBG Nominatons; Branch Clothing. Added GBG local promotion.
Aug 2006 DH Advert for Octoberfest; Add Pub Photos for all pubs, modify Diary List, Add to Festivals list, Added new feature - Members Corner, add Ticket Reservation page.
Jul 2006 DH Update and modify Festival List, modify Diary List, Add Pub Guide (Reprint)
Jun 2006 DH Update and modify Festival List, modify Diary List, Add News Items
May 2006 DH

Update and modify Festival List, modify Diary List, remove Swanage Rail Ale banner and Pub Guide (Sold Out). Remove "Save Gales" link. Site update to clearer House Style

Mar 2006 DH Update Festival List, add Swanage Rail Ale banner
Feb 2006 DH Remove Beerex Link
Jan 2006 DH Copyright & Dates, Dorchester Beerex Link
Jan 2006 DH Diary & Festivals Refresh for 2006
Nov 2005 DH Insert "Save Gales" link, Modify site to conform to CAMRA Corporate guidelines
Sep 2005 DH Modify Map Page, Update Octoberfest Banner, Improve Button & Rollover image quality
July 2005 DH

Add Map Pages, Pub Lists and Octoberfest ad. New main logo on Home Page , CAMRA button rollover

Jun 2005 DH Update site and Disclaimer copyright dates
May 2005 DH Include links to local transport organisations
Jan 2005 DH Festivals Refresh for 2005
Dec 2004 DH Diary Refresh for 2005, Darker Green B/g
Oct 2004 DH Add links for DBC and Heart of Wessex
Oct 2004 DH Colour change to green
Sep 2004 DH Add link for Octoberfest
Sep 2004 DH Site Live with addition of Links Page
Aug 2004 DH Draft Site set up with four pages: Home; Festivals; Contacts; Branch Diary