How to update your Member Communications Options
Your Membership Record record on the main CAMRA website holds information about how you would like to be contacted
[For example, whether you want to get emails from your local Branch, or whether you would like to get "Whats Brewing" electronically].
The following information tells you how to change these for yourself:

Here's how to check and change your settings if necessary. It may sound a bit like an idiot's guide, apologies if it does!
Log in to the main CAMRA website,
From the small menu button on the right hand side, select "My Membership".
Select "Edit Membership Details" from the list.
From the tabs at the top of the box select "Preferences". Go to the bottom of the box and select "Edit".
All your mailing preferences will then be displayed and you can select as you wish.
Be sure to click "save" at the bottom of the page before you log out otherwise your amended preferences will not be saved.